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What is ROC?
ROC is a RevOps Slack community that unites sales, marketing, and customer success operations professionals.
This is where the best in RevOps help each other: Be inspired and Inspire others

Share ideas, best practices and job opportunities

Ask and answer questions.
About us
Our community's core mission is to help those in RevOps or those looking to transition to RevOps succeed.

Every member of the community is committed to giving back, helping peers and those looking to transition their career to sales, marketing, and customer success operations.
Who can join?
At this time the community is limited to professionals working in Revenue Operations (Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success operations).
How to join?
The best way to join our real-time Slack community is by asking an existing member to send an invitation. However, you may also fill-out the form below and we promise to get back to you within 3 business days.
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