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ROC's Partner Program
Welcome, if you're considering hiring for revenue operations in the next six months, we'd love to partner!

We run a FREE RevOps training program taught by experienced professionals.

Project Picasso

Project Picasso RevOps training started as an initiative to counter the impact of the COVID-19 unemployment jump rate.

During training, batches of students learn the craft from the best while testing their ability to learn, adapt, apply, and deliver high-quality results in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.
Our mentors are experienced, successful RevOps professionals wishing to help and give back. They've curated our curriculum with current market trends arming our students with all required skills for a successful RevOps career.
Partner Program
The Partner Program aims to help our students apply newly learned skills in real-world scenarios, find internships and future jobs. It also allows companies to work with multiple individuals on practical tasks prior to hiring them full time.
How it works
ROC's training is free of charge. It runs every two months, with 30 - 50 students in each batch. Each training round lasts 60 days.
During the course, you'll share your real-world RevOps and go-to-market challenges with students. If these challenges align with our curriculum, students will work on them proposing strategies and solutions. Our Mentors will review all student's work to ensure it's quality and accuracy.
You'll interact with different students and collaborate on these projects finding the right fit for your company.
After training, all students will be part of our Slack RevOps Community, ensuring that when a challenge comes, your new employee will be backed by a community of experts ready to provide support, ideas, and advice.
ROC's Partner program will help you to bring the right talent on board, contact us if you're interested in partnering with us!
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